Who Was To Blame For The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is a historical event that the murdered around 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews. The Jews were also used for harsh labor, experiments, and starvation (Steele 6-7). The reason for this mass murder was that a leader during the time named Adolf Hitler wants to make his country an anti-semitic country (Steele 22). This tragedy took place all over Europe the main location was in Auschwitz, Germany (Blohm 6). Jews were a main target in The Holocaust, but some other victims were Roma, Sinti, disabled, and any other opposing religions (Steele 7). In 1933 Jews could not own any land of their own. In 1936 if any Jews were employed as a government worker they were fired. In 1938 Jews got their own businesses taken away from them. Then in 1939, they were no longer allowed to own any gold or silver (Steele 26). The Holocaust is a time in…show more content…
Or forced to do labor without enough food to endure it. The Nazis knew they were not eating enough so that is why they would force them to do labor if they were young men (Steele 37).
Jews were starting to move to concentration camps at the beginning of World War Two. Since the beginning of World War two, the concentration camps were rapidly increasing. Before the concentration camps, they were held in ghettos. Some people even come straight from being transferred out of their homes (Steele 37).
Concentration camps were death camps for women and children. For men, the camp was forced labor and starvation (Steele 37). To exterminate the women and children they had several gas chambers (Concentration).
The American troops in 1945 liberated many Jews (Steele 64). Also in 1945 the United States, Canada, and Britain liberated many others. These troops were very brave to go and liberate all the Jews that they possibly could (Steele 66).
The liberation took place in 1945 (Steele 66). The liberation occurred in the early months of the year 1945 (Allen
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