The Holocaust: Historical Causes Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is a historical event that the murdered around 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews. The Jews were also used for harsh labor, experiments, and starvation (Steele 6-7). The reason for this mass murder was that a leader during the time named Adolf Hitler wants to make his country an anti-semitic country (Steele 22). This tragedy took place all over Europe the main location was in Auschwitz, Germany (Blohm 6). Jews were a main target in The Holocaust, but some other victims were Roma, Sinti, disabled, and any other opposing religions (Steele 7). In 1933 Jews could not own any land of their own. In 1936 if any Jews were employed as a government worker they were fired. In 1938 Jews got their own businesses taken away from them. Then in 1939, they were no longer allowed to own any gold or silver (Steele 26). The Holocaust is a time in history when millions of people were persecuted in Europe by being sent to live in ghettos and eventually being deported to concentration camps where they were systematically annihilated until the Allied forces liberated the remaining survivors. One of the reasons that the Jew were forced into the ghettos was because Hitler wanted to separate them from the rest of the population (Ghettos). Another reason was that the ghettos were a holding place for the Jews. The Jews would live there in the ghettos. Then later they would be transferred to labor camps or extermination camps (Steele 36). The Jews in January - March 1941 who lived
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