Short Biography Of Joseph Sher

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The Biography of Joseph Sher
In the 20th century, World War II began and caused many deaths everywhere in Europe, The war was fought between many countries that formed two different alliances: the Allies and the Axis. One of the leaders from the Axis power, Adolf Hitler, hated the Jews. He believed that the Aryan race was the master race of the people. All who were not considered as Aryan race was discriminated and hated in Germany. Jewish people were victim of the abuse that they received from the "Superior" Aryan race, they were sent towards concentration camp and were treated harshly and killed in cold blood, simply because of their religion, this was called the holocaust. Only a small amount of Jews survived the holocaust, a lot of stories from Jews who had suffered through the horror of concentration camp had surfaced and revealed the horror that they experienced, one of this Jews that spoke up is Joseph Sher.
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His father was a tailor and his mom took care of him and his siblings. He had three brothers and three sisters, he was the middle son, He had 3 brothers, where he was the middle child, the youngest out of the 4 boys he also had 3 sisters named Freuda, Leah and Manya, Freuda was the youngest of the sister, she was also responsible for Sher in meeting his future wife, Rachel, who asked Freuda if she had a brother. His father was multilingual, a he can speak Polish, Russian and German, he worked for the government by being their secretary dealing with their contracts and property. His father was also a dressmaker, as he made clothing for
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