The Holocaust In Daniel's Story

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In the book Daniel 's Story there was only one event that occurred throughout the entire book and it was the Holocaust. In the book it talked about how Daniel 's family went through the Holocaust as Jews. As Daniels riding on the train to a place where he will stay for a long time, he looks at his photo album (his uncle gave him a camera so he could take pictures but only when they were important) and sees that all the memories in the picture and tells what happened that day he took the picture. Every time he gets on a new train it talks about what happened at that concentration camp or wherever he was at. Until at the end he is talking to the cook about what he is doing at that precise time. Daniels was 14 when he was on a train, he was on his way to a concentration camp (that 's where hitler sent all the jews). He didn 't understand why he was there or where he was going. He starts out going from Frankfurt (his home town) to Lodz. Where that 's where they moved all the Jews to a ghetto for them to stay. They stay in Lodz for three years until they get on there next train. Daniel still has no clue where he was going all he knows is there going to a work camp. Daniel didn 't believe that, he thinks that they 're gonna kill them or torture them in some way. As he is riding he brought pictures but not his photo album because he didn 't have it with him. So as he is looking at the pictures he is telling the story of how it went while he was in the ghetto. During that time he met a girl named rosa (who will be his…show more content…
I find this book very appropriate for this time period because during the Holocaust they would locate them different places and the Holocaust was during 1933-1945. As Hitler made more concentration camps he would locate more people to that place. Hitler didn 't like the Jews so that 's why Daniel had to suffer along with his family. This book matched the time period well too and the story was very accurate to the time period and what happened
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