Essay On The Book Night

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Loaded into cattle trains on their way to an uncertain destination it's so crammed that it's impossible to sit down so they must take turns. Two days pass and they have crossed the hungarian border and are now in Germany. A German officer has informed them that their were 80 people in the car and if anybody goes missing they will all be shot like dogs. In the dead of night a woman named Mrs.Schächter begins to scream and throw a fit because she was separated from her husband and all of a sudden begins to scream that she sees fire an awful fire. The Jews in the car try to help Mrs.Schächter by explaining that the visions are not real and then they are fed up and begins to beat her with hits strong enough to kill her. However the next night she begins again screaming that she sees a terrible fire. The train stops for a bit and there is news that they are at Auschwitz where life is supposed to be better. But again that night Mrs.Schächter starts to scream again and again she it beaten she is finally silent. As the train moves on Mrs.Schächter abruptly begins to scream again however this time through the windows everyone can watch as they pass…show more content…
The allies are quickly approaching and it seems like the Germans will fulfil their task to kill all of the Jews. The SS start to move everyone out of the camp by the thousands because after all of the prisoners have been removed the camp will be blown up. But Eliezer has luck on his side along with a few others a underground resistance movement takes control of the camp Eating is the first thing all of the men do when freed Eliezer during this gets food poisoning. He spends a couple weeks in the hospital teetering between life or death when he has recovered he takes a glance into the mirror and sees a corpse. This vision of himself will continue to haunt him for the rest of his
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