The Holocaust In Europe

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The Holocaust....even the name brings darkness to everyone. This event not only changed history but society as well. Though the event happened in Europe, the pain, message, and tragedy was known to the entire world. Before the Holocaust, and during the phase where the Nazism party got introduced, the Jews living in Germany and the other never thought that their country would ever discriminate them and kick them out. Some still continued living in Germany, as they thought the Nazism idea would extinquish soon. Their hopes got shattered when more and more supporters gathered with the Nazis. Gas chambers, concentration camps, and many other scenarios similar to this took place. Thousands of the minority communities were killed, male, female,…show more content…
Jews themselves viewed France as a country of equality and tolerance to Jewish and other cultures. Until 1939, the immigration policy became more strict due to the very large amounts of refugees entering France from Germany and Spain.(Spain was having their own civil war at the time.) During the invasion and eventually the annexation by Germany, many of the Jews were once again fleeing to other places. During the war, all of France’s luscious farms were butchered by the war, as it was fought it Fance land. Even though The U.S had the Atlantic Ocean between the path to Europe, U.S still was involved in the Holocaust greatly. Although The U.S did have a very strict immigration policy and made it difficult for Jewish refugees to obtain a visa, the majority of the immigrants were Jews. During the final solution U.S thought it would be best on not to publicly criticize the Germans. Though unrelated to Jews, the aftermath of the bombing in Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), led to many disputes and the U.S government segregated the Japanese from everyone else. They were put into internment camps for several years. Not only Japanese had to be relocated, but it triggered the United States to officially declare war on Japan and got the involvement in World War II. Before that however, the country 's President at the time, (Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S.…show more content…
They had a very good radio system and kept everyone at Europe updated on what was happening during the war. They also had access to the Nazi plans, so quite a number of the plans were intervened by the British. Only a minority of the country 's population supported the Nazis, in fact, a number of Jews as well as non Jews campaigned against the Nazis or either provided the refugees with supplies. After the outbreak of the war, England banned all immigration from Nazi occupied territories. Despite knowledge of the Final Solution, and the plea for help, the allied nations debated that it was not practical to only air raid the Nazi camps, as they did not have the sufficient supplies but instead thought it would be more effective if there was a
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