The Holocaust In The Holocaust: The Silent Holocaust

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During a time in history, many people have suffered because of hatred and genocide. An example of this is when the African Americans were forced into slavery and killed when they did not work. The events in these acts were because of the silent majority . People were too afraid to speak their minds and stand up for themselves . This event was similar to slavery with the Native Americans when they were held against their will when the white men was taking over. The holocaust with the jews is an example of hatred and genocide .

I believe the holocaust is one of the worst event that happen to mankind history because of the nuremberg laws,propaganda,and anti-semitism

There is a lot of things the germans did to make the jews suffer.
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Propaganda helped nazis gain power and trust. They spreaded soo evening the jews can hear and see about what was being told about them. Propaganda wasn't only used to influence the germans ,it was also used to influence the non jews. That's how propaganda was used in the holocaust.

The nuremberg laws were anti semitic laws in nazi germany. They were introduced on september 1935 by the reienists at the annual nuremberg rally of the nazi party. The two laws were the law for the protection of german blood and the german honor, which forbid marriages and extramarital intercourse between jews and germans. The nuremberg laws had a crimping economic and social impact on the jewish community. Persons convicted of violating the marriage laws were imprisoned.

The law of the restoration of the professional civil service passed on 7 april 1933, forced all non aryans to retire from the legal profession and civil service. Similar legislation soon deprived jewish members of other professions of there right to practise. Legislation passed in july 1933 stripped naturalised german jews of their citizenship, creating a legal basis for recent immigrants to be deported. Many towns posted signs forbidding entry to jews. Jewish businesses were denied access to
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