Irena Sendler Essay

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The Holocaust was a traumatic and horrendous time for those who suffered and perished. Learning and talking about the Holocaust to this day, is very hard to believe that it ever happened because of the cruel acts that were done to innocent people. Throughout the Holocaust, many people didn’t agree of what Hitler was doing and they decided to take a stand and take action. The resistance groups made a huge difference in the Holocaust to make a change. These people risked their lives for others that were in desperate need of survival. In particular, a woman from Poland named Irena Sendler impacted thousands and thousands of children's lives.
Irena Sendler was a woman that played a major role in children’s lives during the Holocaust. She was raised in Otwock, Poland by her two parents. At a young age, she had always been taught to love and respect others no matter their ethnicity or the color of their skin. When the Germans
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When the creation of the Warsaw ghetto began German SS and police unite would move thousands of Jews to the Treblinka killing center. About 265,000 Jews deported were killed and about 35,000 Jews inside the ghetto were killed. Right away Irena Sendler and with the help of others took action and smuggled children out of the ghetto by an ambulance, in a potato sacks, in coffins, and many more. The Jewish Virtual Library also declared that, “Irena Sendler accomplished her incredible deeds with the active assistance of the church”(Paragraph 12). After the children were out of the ghetto Sendler gave each child a new identity and placed them in orphanages, schools, private homes, and etc. to be protected. Irena stored all 25,000 names of the children she rescued into a jar that she buried. Irena gave these children a chance to survive from the brutal experiences they could of gone through if they stayed in the
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