The Holocaust People Lost Their Faith Essay

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During the Holocaust Jews were marked with the Star of David on their clothes ( Young, pg192). The badge was used to humiliate the Jews and to segregate them to keep watch (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Soon this was the death of six million Jews. Because of the Holocaust people lost their faith but this should not change the way of traditional belief in God. During the Holocaust, lots of people died and maybe some lost their faith, but I believe that the faith of many people grew.
The reason I believe this is because if something bad is happening to me and I gave up I think that it would be more painful giving up then praying and believing in God to come help me and deliver me from evil like He says he will in the bible. God works in many ways that people may not understand but in the end, I know He does it for a reason. The Holocaust was a horrible time and I don’t think anyone would want to back to the time period. I think the Jews were saved because of their power of praying.
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Few months after that I found out that my mother couldn’t find a place in my hometown and ended up leaving. I had many issues during these times and was super confused about why this was happening to me. I have to say that I doubted God and was angry on why He would let this happen to me. For a while, I wanted to give up on my faith like I’m sure many Jews wanted to when they were in the Holocaust. Eventually, when I got myself pulled together I started using what I have been through to help others. I never knew how many people in my life has been through what I have been through. It makes me happy to help others, not only am I helping others but I’m helping myself become stronger as a person and stronger in my faith. Every time I tell my story to others I try to tell people about how at first, I wanted to fall away from God but then realized that God is who held my hand through it
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