The Holocaust: Proof Of Mass Executions During The Holocaust

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About 6 million Jews, 10 million Soviets, 1.8 million non- Jewish Polish citizens, and about 3 million more deaths of other groups died during the Holocaust, as stated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Over 20 million deaths, all for one war. What factors contributed to this reign of terror and what was or wasn’t done to stop this from happening? How could the United States limit the amount of lives lost? It’s simple. The United States could have further lessened the loss of life during the Holocaust if they had looked at the proof of mass executions, accepted Jewish immigrants, and intervened earlier.
Proof of Mass Executions The execution of Jews was first brought to light in a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State on August 10th, 1942 from the American Vice Consul, Howard Elting, Jr. In this letter, Howard Elting, Jr. described the events of Mr. Gerhart M. Reigner who was, at the time, “secretary of the World Jewish Congress in Geneva”. Mr. Reigner told Elting “that he had just received a report from a German businessman of considerable prominence, who is said to have excellent political and military connections in Germany”. This report was about a plan in the headquarters of Hitler to kill of any and all Jews in any German controlled areas after a concentration of them in the east has taken place. This information was assumed to cause the U.S. Secretary of State to take action, especially al of the injustice towards the Jews before this, such as: The
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