Essay On Holocaust Day

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As the world marks the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust, we condemn in totality the unhuman traumatization, segregation, disintegration and immeasurable degree of brutality against innocent Jews. The history of humanity cannot be told without the graphic look at the agonizing treatment of the Jews because the history of the Jews is embedded in our everyday reality and consciousness. In London, many political juggernauts, religious leaders, diplomats and other high level dignitaries joined holocaust survivors at a national commemoration in central London to celebrate this year’s Holocaust Day. With 70 candles lit, one for each year since the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland, the emotional ceremony is a reminder…show more content…
These African slaves would be needed in different plantations in the USA. With about 7 million slaves from Africa during the 18th century alone, the continent was robbed of its strong, able and potential workforce. But that was not all. With slaves being regarded as properties, slave owners had the “right ” to treat their slaves accordingly. Killing or lynching of unwanted slaves, mistreatment, torture, segregation, cultural uprooting, disorientation and dislocation were some of the “natural” faith of the slaves. Slaves who survived the inhuman treatments, face their daily lives with “indelible stain” of slavery, indignity, segregated and marginalized and cultural alienation. All these put together, one is faced with a psychological load of permanent lack of identity, consciousness of color and indeed nostalgia for the lost homeland, from where they have been uprooted. Up till today, many former slaves in different parts of the world still bear the blunt scars of slavery, which is difficult - if not impossible - to
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