The Holocaust: The Aftermath Of The Holocaust

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The Aftermath of the Holocaust With many countries left in ruins after the Holocaust, people were distraught and in search of closure on what happened to their family members. It was after the remainder of the concentration camps had been liberated, that many questions began to arise as far as what should be done with the officers in charge of the horrible occurrences and where the surviving Jews could continue their lives. Jews had an arduous time finding a place to live, since their homes were confiscated when they were taken into hostility by the Germans. As a result, many trials and discussions were held to work towards solving these arising conflicts. Following the Holocaust, there were many decisions that had to be made in regards to…show more content…
The Nuremberg Trials were held in the efforts to bring the high-ranked officers, who brutalized the Jews, to justice. According to an article found on, there were no previous guidelines established to abide by in terms of the international trial of war criminals, prior to the holocaust (“Nuremberg Trials”). Moreover, the Holocaust involved a group of four powers rather than a single nation. France, Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States were all a part of the Holocaust. In order to establish the rightful laws and procedures that would be followed to carry out the Nuremberg Trials, the London Charter of the International Military Tribunal was written. The trials were carried out in Bavaria between 1945 and 1949 in thirteen increments. Bavaria was the ideal location for these trails because of its large prison capacity and its possession of the Palace of Justice. As reported by an article posted on, the Palace of Justice was untouched by the war, thus making it the best place to confront the defendants for committing crimes against peace and humanity (“Nuremberg Trials”). As stated in an article on, the defendants included Nazi party officials, military officers, German industrialists, German doctors, and German lawyers (“Nuremberg Trials”). I added photos to the buchenwald slides and the gestapo…show more content…
They took action as soon as they could, to reach justice for the surviving Jews. After the few months following the Holocaust, Chaim Weizmann submitted a claim that the Jewish Agency deserved reparations (“Holocaust Restitution”). Reparations are payments made by a defeated nation for damages to another nation. In March of 1951, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Moshe Sharett, asked for 1,500,000,000 dollars for expenses of Jews who came to Israel for safety (“Holocaust Restitution”). According to an article published on Jewish Virtual Library, the West German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer eventually agreed to repay Israel slowly. The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany was created to help with negotiating claims. After a vote of sixty-one to fifty, Israel decided to have direct negotiations with Germany (“Holocaust Restitution”). Many Israelis were very upset at this decision and they decided to protest. After many deliberations, Israel lowered its amount of money requested; it was now to be payed by West Germany and not Germany as a whole. On September 10th, 1953, an agreement was reached and it went into effect on March 21, 1953. West Germany had to pay 845 million dollars over a fourteen year period. In accordance to "Holocaust Restitution: German Reparations," a new reparation was made in 1988 to allow Holocaust survivors to receive 290 dollars a month for the rest of their
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