The Holocaust: The Brutality Of The Holocaust

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One of the most notorious events in all of history is the Holocaust, which took place during World War II. Every tragedy begins with something, or in this case someone, and this was commenced by a man by the name of Adolf Hitler. Hitler stepped into a powerful role in Germany, and at about that time he began this lengthy period of horror. He had a goal for his time of rule; execute all of the Jews in Europe, and he did just about that by murdering two-thirds of their population. Hitler thought of the Germans as a more superior race than the Jews. He began taking over more and more countries, executing more and more Jews. He would attack and then take over. Even after raiding and taking parts of other countries and starting to murder more Jews, he did not stop. Firstly in…show more content…
People being dragged away from their homes, bring only minimal things with them. Large bands of Jewish people lined up in the streets, taken to be shipped off to concentration camps. After being taken away from their homes and marched in the street, they would be shipped off in cattle cars. These cars were very unsanitary, often times carrying diseases, which in many cases most would die on the cars. If by chance most survived up until arriving at a concentration camp, more would starve, die from illness or die from overworking. There we Concentration camps were technically death camps. Hitler created them to put Jews through a living hell until they died. It was considered lucky if you somehow escaped or made it out. It was especially a rarity to make it through the worst-known camp, Auschwitz. Only a total of 144 prisoners were able to escape Auschwitz. Just about 1 in 6 Jewish people that were persecuted during the whole Holocaust died at Auschwitz. Oddly enough, Hitler never visited a single one of these ghastly camps. Concentration camps were placed mainly in and around
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