Holocaust Concentration Camps

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The Holocaust was a tragic event that took place from 1941 to around 1945. Adolf Hitler was behind the movement of persecution of the Jewish race. More than six million Jews were murdered in this awful event. The place where these tragic events took place were Concentration Camps. Unsafe and unhealthy conditions for anyone to live in but they were forced there against will. The concentration camps are something people are always going to remember in the future. During the Holocaust there were three main camps, Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II Birkenau, and Auschwitz III Monowitz. These camps were very complex. Included in these camps were, labor camps, extermination camps and a concentration camp. When the liberation of Jews first started, they would pack about eighty Jews into each cattle car. They would leave them will little food, almost no water and no place for them to go to the bathroom. In 1943 The Germans stated that Auschwitz II and Auschwitz III would become separate camps. When you first arrived at the camps, the Men were split apart from Women and Children. Almost all the Women and children were killed upon arrival. The prisoners, which consisted of Mainly Jew’s, but also homosexuals, gypsies, and Jehovah Witnesses were all given a number. The number was your name in these camps. You were no longer identified as a person but as just another object with a serial number. Often the Nazi’s would do selections, where they would pick apart the healthy from the weak. If you passed the selection you were to go back to what you had been doing in the camp. If you did not pass you were sent off to be killed. The Nazi’s used several ways to kill people in…show more content…
The horrification of the whole event is something no one should forget. The Holocaust will be taught to future generations so nothing like this will ever happen again. The concentration camps and killing is something people are always going to
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