The Holocaust: The Dangers Of Propaganda In The Holocaust

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Fake news (propaganda) can be very dangerous. An example of propaganda is when the US dropped leaflets over Iraq and told people that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the suffering. Also, take the Holocaust for an example people were blind sighted by lies and propaganda from Hitler which caused 7.6 million lives. We can change these events from repeating by not voting for corrupt people. If nobody believed in Hitler 's lies we could have been a stronger community and a stronger nation overall.

The Nazi party used propaganda to hate the jews which led to the Nuremberg laws which made them have less freedom and that led to the killing of 6 million people.

The main thing that happened in the camps was genocide. Most of the people in the camps got killed or died of starvation. Propaganda was the thing that started the whole holocaust. Hitler spread propaganda and then it sparked. The Nuremberg laws happen and the ends when they made hating legal. It also made sure Jews can 't be at public places and took away all of their rights. It all started when Hitler decided to give “pay back” to the jews because he thought they were the reason for all the things going on in Germany. People were gathered up and sent to camps.The things they did in the camps were really horrifying. For example, they made them dig their own graves, so when they got shot they fell into the graves. People that got sick were thrown into gas chambers. If the people couldn 't work they

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