Examples Of Propaganda

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Fake news (propaganda) can be very dangerous. An example of propaganda is when the US dropped leaflets over Iraq and told people that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the suffering. Also, take the Holocaust for an example people were blind sighted by lies and propaganda from Hitler which caused 7.6 million lives. We can change these events from repeating by not voting for corrupt people. If nobody believed in Hitler 's lies we could have been a stronger community and a stronger nation overall.

The Nazi party used propaganda to hate the jews which led to the Nuremberg laws which made them have less freedom and that led to the killing of 6 million people.

The main thing that happened in the camps was genocide. Most of the
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The other thing that was hard was leaving your house and belongings that you built your life on just disappearing. No matter how tough you think you are if you were apart of the holocaust you would feel like a baby. I know if I were ever a part of that tragic event I would not even thing about my 18th birthday and that 's just the sad truth. I can 't even think about joking if the holocaust was the subject.

The Nuremberg laws were a huge part of the holocaust because it did one bad thing which basically made hate legal. They did this by changing the laws so punishing the jews can be done legally. When Nuremberg laws were in place hate became more frequent. Hate was really common and a very used action used against the jews. The Nuremberg laws banned Jews from having any contact with Germans. Also, the laws banned Jewish people from attending public places.

The jews starved daily and were forced to work like slaves. The Nazis partied in front of the jews and taunted them on the regular. Some camps were just full of hatred for example 1 million people died at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp 90% of those were jews. The main cause in this camp was gas chambers. A gas chamber was a small chamber with poison pellets thrown in and that killed
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WW2 has 24 million casualties and 40% of that was from the holocaust alone. People are so moved by this that they start projects like the paperclip which brings the whole community to come together and donate money so they can teach others the importance of the holocaust. We can teach people who don 't know about this event and they can carry on even further. This event is still out to change many lives if I have a chance to tell anyone about this disaster that happened I would tell him or her.

It 's really surprising what the form one person can do to multi-million people and a whole community. This event has really changed many lives. The world 's population could have been twice the number if the Holocaust and WW2 did not happen. This event could have been dodged if people weren 't blind sighted by Hitler 's lies and If Hitler didn 't spread propaganda. Many Jews and others have been killed in this horrible
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