What Happened During The Holocaust

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The death of many, the silence of all, and the never forgotten memories that will forever be with those who suffered the Holocaust. Imagining having to drown your own baby or toddler until he or she was dead? Being too afraid to do that could cost you your own life too. Having to worry about leaving your parents and having to fend for yourself would be quite of a struggle. Just being instantly sent off that have men with dogs and guns without knowing where and why you were leaving your home with strangers is something that would really change how you see the world.
Many kids died during the Holocaust, but why, and how? A total of 1.5 million children were murdered: 1.2 million Jews, tens of thousands of Gypsys, and thousands of handicapped across Europe. The innocent children that were not even born were killed by abortion as soon as one of the Germans found out the mother was pregnant with the infant. Babies were assumed to never survive, therefore they had no chance of living so the mothers were immediately told they had to drown all surviving infants in barrels otherwise the mother would be killed. Burning ovens, gas chambers(Zyklon B and Carbon Monoxide), gas vans, drowning barrels, and hanging stations were the major ways to kill the Jews and so many of the children. Starvation or disease was something that was common to be a health issue
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The subtle death from starvation, separation of the families, disease, murder, and so much more possible ways to take one final gasp of air. This event is something that no one should forget because everyone unaware that this has happened in our history should be informed that it shouldn 't ever happen again and it would be a good thing for many to know about. What would happen if you were stuck in someone else 's shoes from the Holocaust and had to live through all of these horrific stages in these kids, men, and women’s
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