The Holocaust: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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he Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and on a society. Many of us believe that the Holocaust is one of the most senseless concepts in the history of humankind. The Holocaust happened in the early parts of the 20th century prior to the expansion of World War II. It is an ideology backed up by the German state, which intends to kill all racially inferior individuals. The main target of the Holocaust is the Jewish population. Now, you have the chance to understand more about the Holocaust if you keep on reading the story of how Anne Frank survives. Anne hides in the annex for 2 years trying to survive during the Nazis outbreak. Anne Frank survive by writing her own diary and carrying a schoolbag with her. She had many friends before she went hiding. Anne then was lonely and had not many people to talk to talk to other than her sister Margot and her Parents. Anne was Responsible by writing a diary of the main things she did our the events that happen. She also took care of herself in the Annex. While Miep, and Mr. Kraler bringing them food to eat, and supplies for them to use. Anne also sometimes talked to people to get things off her mind. After Anne is finishing eating she cleans after shes done. Anne is Curious about what 's outside…show more content…
The Holocaust was something that should never be repeated and no one should ever want death camps, concentration camps, deaths on purpose, or anything else that the Nazis did to the Jews. That is why we should all learn things from this and accept that some people are different and not everyone is perfect, but we must accept our differences and get along. We should all make it a priority to always look on the bright side of life, even when things are bad like Anne Frank did. We now know how evil the Nazis were and no today, many people now hate them. Anne Frank was a very inspirational person through her
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