The Holocaust: The Final Solution Of The Holocaust

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The Final Solution
Hitler most of us have heard this name. Maybe it was associated with the nazis, killing jews, gas chambers, or the leader of Germany.But have you ever heard it associated with something called The Final Solution? Well it was one of those thing that isn't the biggest thing of the holocaust, but still important.Well this paper will tell you all about it.

Well i'm going to start with probably the most basic question, WHat is the final solution , well the final solution the term that the nazis used in reference to the pan that they had to exterminate all european jewish people.Even tho the jews were the main target there was two other main target such as, homosexuals and gypsies. If you don't know what gypsies are, people with
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Ghettos were common like small housing estates with no resource the they would fence in so that the government could control the people inside of the area. Concentration camps were camps where one or of two things could happen you would stay there and be forced to do hard labor and/or wait execution. The condition in these camps were so poor that many people died in the camp from disease or starvation before they could get executed. The last and worst thing that the nazis created have two names one killing center and two extermination camps. Which were camp were the only thing you went there for was to get killed.

In concentration camps the Nazi doctor would sometimes perform medical experiments on the prisoners these experiment consisted of many thing on of which they would take a live prisoner freeze them to the point they get hypothermia and then would try to find effective cure or ways to retrive to prizoner.others were similar but they would give a prisoner so called incurable diseases.some examples are yellow fever, malaria, typhoid fever,many of these prisoners did not survive the
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After that Japan then decided to surrender and end to war.

On April 30 , 1945, Hitler in his underground bunker had decided to commit suicide what he did was he had taken a cyanide capsule then shot himself in the head with his service pistol. His wife Eva who had only been married to him for 2 days ended up killing her right beside him, by also taking a cyanide capsule.
All in all Hitler and the nazis cause so much damage to the world and to people. Some of which still affects some today. Some people think the pain ended with hitler's death, at the end of the war but actually think about it. In total from the war 60 million+ people died say each of those people only had 3 loved ones. That's 180 trillion people grieving. Well at least you will know how the final caused a major part in that 180 trillion people
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