The Holocaust: The Law Of The Holocaust

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One of the most tragic events in history, the Holocaust, has become a major topic for many writers. Many writers will write on this topic to either give facts and inform others about the event, or to give opinions and feelings of others and themselves on the event. When a text is written and it informs the reader of facts and information about the event, it is written objectively. If the author writes a text about feelings and opinions on the event, the text is written subjectively. An objectively written text about the holocaust will give the reader a very different feeling and thought process than a subjectively written text. An example of an objectively written text is, “The Nuremberg Laws”.
This text gives many facts and statistics about the holocaust. The text starts out by stating, “The first law of the Nuremberg laws was called the Reichsbürgergestz, or “Law of the Reich Citizen”... The other law was Gesetz zum Schutze des Deutschen Blutes und der Deutschen Ehre, or “Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.” The text begins with a topic the author will write about instead of stating the author 's emotions or opinions about the holocaust. After starting with a topic of the text, the author goes on to explain the effects of the laws in Germany. The text says the laws, “Took away Jews’ citizenship… outlawed marriage or relationships between Jews and Germans… Jews were not allowed to swim in public swimming pools or go to movie theaters… Nazis kicked
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