The Holocaust: The Most Tragic Events Of The Holocaust

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One of the most tragic events in history, the Holocaust, has become a major topic for many writers. Many writers will write on this topic to either give facts and inform others about the event, or to give opinions and feelings of others and themselves on the event. When a text is written and it informs the reader of facts and information about the event, it is written objectively. If the author writes a text about feelings and opinions on the event, the text is written subjectively. An objectively written text about the holocaust will give the reader a very different feeling and thought process than a subjectively written text. An example of an objectively written text is, “The Nuremberg Laws”. This text gives many facts and statistics about…show more content…
For example, the word “mass” is used in the text when the author writes, “These racist Nazi laws were among the first of many that led to the Holocaust, the mass killing, and imprisonment of Jews in Europe during World War II.” “Mass” gives the reader more of a visual feeling of how big of an impact the Holocaust had on Jews. The words “killing” and “imprisonment” also add to this effect. Another example is the word “outlawed.” The author writes, “It outlawed marriage or relationships between Jews and Germans.” This word gives the reader a negative feeling towards the topic. The text says, “This meant they were persecuted not because of their religion, but because of a racial identity passed down by their ancestors.” The author uses the word “persecuted” to emphasize how badly Jews were mistreated by others because of a racial identity that was given to them, not just because of their religion. This word and the context around it also gives a negative mindset to the reader. Connotation plays an important role in how the reader will interpret what the author writes. After reading and analyzing the information given in the text “The Nuremberg Laws” it is clear the text is very objective. When a reader analyzes a text that is informal or has opinions and thoughts of others on a topic, it will impact the reader when assembling an opinion of their own about the topic. This is why it is important for readers to explore a balance of objectively and subjectively written texts when learning about a topic. This will not only give the reader a broader intelligence on the topic, but also different perspectives on the

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