The Jewish People: How People Live Their Life During The Holocaust

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When people hear the word “Holocaust” they instantly think about how cruel and horrible this time was for the Jewish people. The Holocaust was a time where many of people suffered, were terrified, and had to live in disgusting conditions. The jewish people were put into concentration camps where they were forced to work and in the end most of them died, but if they were lucky were able to escape or lived long enough to be freed. In the very beginning, Adolf Hitler’s Nazis separated these people from their families to be placed into different concentration camps which is upsetting to think about. The biggest concentration camp where most of the Jews went and were killed was Auschwitz. The Jewish were put through a time of unfairness and had no say on how they could live their lives during this time period. To begin with, the Nazis set up many concentration camps to murder a mass number of Jews that stayed there. “ the Nazis administered a massive system of more than 40,000 camps that stretched across Europe from the French-Spanish border into the conquered Soviet territories, and as far south as Greece and North Africa” (Daily Life..). Some of the major camps were Auschwitz, Belzec, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald. These camps were dirty, dull, lifeless, and freezing cold especially…show more content…
The Jews went through many harsh events at the concentration camps that they were forced to go to. The concentration camps were extremely tortuous for these people. The living conditions were unbearable and the forced work was tremendously exhausting for them. They were starved to death and also killed in the gas chambers if they weren 't good enough. No one should ever go through this horrible pain in their lives. A great number of Jews were able to luckily escape and made it out alive. Cleary, life for the Jews during this time was difficult and is nothing anyone wants to ever experience throughout
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