The Holocaust: The Myth Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust, the genocide of over six million Jews under the reign of Adolf Hitler; marked as a worldwide pivotal event. The holocaust was an event that most people would like to forget, but others choose to ignore or deny any event from the Holocaust. During some of the first months of the genocide, the public was misinformed about the whole situation of the “work camps”. Videos were made ensuring to the public (both German and Jews) that the concentration camps were safe, clean, and suitable as new homes for the captured Jews. Germany lied about the conditions to cover up that they were slaughterhouses. Through Hitler 's reign, he devised ways to hide the killing operation from the public; meaning no documentation or public statements. Many…show more content…
Though some people try to get through the logistics and technicalities of the Holocaust, some just argue that it was completely untrue. Former Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that the holocaust was a “myth”. In an interview on live television Ahmadinejad stated, “They have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust and consider it above God, religion and the prophets” and also stated, “In Western countries, if someone were to deny the existence of God . . . and deny the existence of prophets and religion, they would not bother him," Ahmadinejad said. "However, if someone were to deny the myth of the Jews ' massacre, all the Zionist mouthpieces and the governments subservient to the Zionists tear their larynxes and scream against the person as much as they can" (Washington Post). Ahmadinejad also stated that publicizing his holocaust denial was a major achievement of his presidency. George Lincoln Rockwell, an American prominent holocaust denier, became known as the “American Hitler”. After founding the American Nazi Party, Rockwell took it upon himself to be an enthusiastic denier, meaning spreading the Neo-nazi movement across America. In a 1996 interview with Playboy magazine, Rockwell told Playboy that it was “self defense” for people killing jews. He then stated, “ I don’t believe that for one minute that any 6 million Jews were exterminated; it never happened” (Haley). Even with blatant proof, some people will still deny the whole holocaust just because of hatred towards another nation. Many people chose to follow their ideals due to lack of information about the holocaust. Some choose to fall under propaganda sayings about the war, and ignore the true facts and survivors of the atrocity. They just couldn’t believe that some over 6 million deaths could not have
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