Essay On The Nuremberg Trials

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During the Holocaust millions of people were killed by the Nazis because they were not the ideal race. The Nuremberg Trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany. The judges of the trials were from Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States, and France. These trials were held to bring justice to all the lives lost during World War two. After the Holocaust, the Nuremberg Trials were held to bring justice to Nazi officials, Industrialists, but failed to punish those who escaped.
During the Holocaust many Nazi officials committed crimes and many were tried in the Nuremberg Trials. For example, “Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner was the head of the Reich Central Security Office, and was second in command of the ss, he was executed because of multiple accounts
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For instance, “Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on April 30th, 1945” (Axelrod 2). Adolf Hitler was a Nazi politician, and some believe he alone is to be blamed for the Holocaust, even though the Nuremberg Trials proved many others were guilty as well. When millions of people are killed, and one person that helped gets away, it is hard to be content. In addition to Hitler, “Goring was sentenced to death by hanging but two hours before his execution the “last renaissance man” committed suicide, taking a cyanide capsule he had managed to smuggle into the cell” (Catherwood and Horvitz 3). He had been tried and sentenced to death at Nuremberg, but instead of taking his punishment he rebelled. Goring decided killing himself was the best way to not show defeat, and get in one last victory. As a result of how many escaped, A man name Simon Wiesenthal wanted to bring justice to those who had escaped the Nuremberg Trials, including Adolf Eichmann whom had been in charge of the final solution. He also helped find nine out of sixteen wanted ss officers, and did much more to help in his time (Catherwood and Horvitz 2). The final solution was the plan to kill off as many Jews as possible before the war ended and Adolf Eichmann was in charge of that. So Simon brought him to justice, and even though some escaped their trials at Nuremberg, some were
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