The Holocaust: The Persecution Of The Jews

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The Holocaust: The Persecution of the Jews
On January 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945, Due to the Nazi 's need to demonstrate their "God-like power". The holocaust is known as one of the most gruesome parts about World War II, the reason for that is because of the Nazi 's, only seeing the Jews as parasites needing to be exterminated, due to their racist and anti-Semitic ideology.

On January 30, 1933, Hitler assumed power as chancellor of Germany. He presided over a cabinet in which Nazi minister was still in the minority. On February 27, 1933, Reichstag building was set on fire, it housed to the German parliament. There was a strong suspicion that the Nazi’s started the fire themselves. Hitler immediately took this opportunity to outlaw all opposition
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Raoul Wallenburg led one of the most extensive and successful rescue efforts. He was born in Sweden in 1942, and was always sensitive to brutality and cruelness. But establishing hospitals, nurseries, soup kitchens, and more than 30 safe houses, he was able to save tens of thousands of prisoners. He also distributed certificates of protection, which helped people enter the safe houses and other places, he had created just for hiding the…show more content…
The prisoners were either put on trains or did forced marches. They did this as an attempt to prevent liberation for the Jews. The Nazi’s tried to hide the evidence of mass murders. They did so by burning down and destroying the camps. May 7th, 1945, was the day that the Nazi’s surrendered. The last Nazi camp closed in 1957. When the Soviet forces liberated the prisoners, many of them were suffering from decease and starvation. The Soviet Union found thousands of women’s clothing and 14,000 pounds of human hair. Many of the surviving prisoners barely moved because they were so weak. After the Jews were liberated, many of them fled to the U.S. and around 700,000 went to Israel. In the end, the total number of people who were murdered in the holocaust was
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