Analysis Of Kristallnacht's The Night Of The Broken Glass

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François de La Rochefoucauld once wrote, “We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.” Nothing could be closer to the truth. The true search for justice, fairness and humanity is almost always accompanied by brutality and selfish deceit. Therefore, a man ought to examine himself before embracing the dangerous journey of struggle that lay ahead, a ceaseless journey toward perfection and world domination that yields nothing but seedless fruit. One of the world’s largest genocides, The Holocaust, is a prime example of the produce that breeds from the labour of the wicked. There are no amounts of words that can truly express the emotions that pulsate through your veins at the sight of…show more content…
It is believed to have stemmed from the killing of a German Embassy staff member, who had been shot by a 17 year old Jewish boy who sought to avenge the suffering his family endured at the hands of the Nazis. The Jewish boy, Herschel Grynszpan, his family and over thousands of other Jews had been ousted from Germany without fair warning and were transported against their will to be deserted at the Polish border, on October 27, 1938. The Germans were outraged following the shooting in Paris and used this as ammunition to rise in blood-splattered revenge against the Jews. Chaos broke out all over Germany, in the heart of Austria and additional Nazi infected areas. The Nazi storm troopers were commanded to beat and murder Jews, break into and wreck their homes, destroy Jewish owned shops and businesses and brutalize their women and children. Perhaps the biggest objective during this dreadful attack, was the specific target on Synagogues, which were vandalized, destroyed and systematically burned, at least 177 Synagogues were completely destroyed. It was after Kristallnacht, that the Germans decided to bar all Jews from contact with them, preventing Jews from the use of public transportation, education and evidently driving them to the outskirts of the country. The amount of insurance claims that surfaced after the economic crippling that Kristallnacht brought with it were overwhelming, however the consequences that followed, are to me the most outrageous, as Propaganda Minister Joseph Gobbels stated that Jews would be payable for damages caused and that any or all insurance monies that were owed to them were to be seized by the

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