The Holocaust: The Purpose Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust In the late 1930’s Adolf Hitler had decided that the world would be better off if there were no Jewish people. All Jewish kids were kicked out of all Activities and school. The Gestapo Police were policemen that only followed Hitler's orders, they were ordered by Hitler to imprison or kill all unwanted people, such as blacks, Polish, disabled, and homosexuals. (Mackay 6) The Holocaust was a murder of 6 million Jewish people. That was over 40% of the world's Jewish population. Over 5 million of the 6 million Jews were killed in gas tanks at the camps. (Holocaust) The Holocaust prisoners were starved and if they didn’t die of starvation, they were taken to the camps. Prisoners were taken to the camps with 100 people in 1 cattle car. (Vali 112) The Holocaust took place in different parts of Germany. (Concentration) There were over 11 million people killed in the Holocaust, and 5 million of them were non-Jews and the other 6 million were Jews. They were all killed during the 12 year Nazi Reich. (Altman 9) The Holocaust is a time in history when…show more content…
The purpose of the ghettos was to capture all of the Jews, and other unwanted people, like the black people, the Polish, and the people with disabilities. The ghettos provided ways of “natural” death, so there would be no more Jews. The Nazis made sure the ghettos would make the Jews starve to death, or get sick and die. If the Jews were hurt, they would rub poison or chemicals on their wounds. Also if the Jews were sick, then they would feed them something to make them more sick. If that didn’t kill them, then the Jews were sent to the gas tanks. (Byers 73) In 1940, twenty new ghettos were built for the Jews. The city Lodz had 160,000 Jews taken all at once. On February 8, 1940, all of the Jews were taken in cattle cars. There were one-hundred people per cattle car. Some Jews made trips in the cattle cars for over 10 days, with no food, water, or bathrooms. (Byers
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