The Holocaust: The Rape Of Nanjing

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The Rape of Nanjing Anyone you meet today has some knowledge of the Holocaust. It is an event we consider to be disgraceful and uncalled for. Germany had to publicly apologize for the events of the genocide. Little do most people know, Japan did the same thing, killing approximately 300,000 soldiers and civilians over a time span of only six weeks. Why has Japan not faced the repercussions of the massacre they committed? Why did they get away without punishment, or even an apology? During the 1930’s and 1940’s conflict began to form between Japan and China. China had Manchuria, which to Japan was a limitless supply of raw materials. Not only was it an area for supplies, but it also provided a protective cushion between Japanand the Soviet Union.…show more content…
When the United States military dropped the bomb on Nagasaki, 70,000 people died, in Hiroshima, 140,000. Of these two events, everyone knows about and thinks of it as such an awful thing, yet put together, less people died than in the Nanjing massacre. America faced the repercussions for what they did, but what about Japan? The Japanese government did have to admit to the killings, raping 's, looting, arson, and destruction they did, but still there was no punishment. ("Nanjing Massacre: Mass Graves of the Victims." Web; The Rape Of Nanking : The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War II., p.33) The massacre has been a controversial subject. Many people have disputed different opinions on the event. Some people believe that historians and Japanese nationalist have blown the numbers out of proportion to what really occurred, while others believe they made it seem like it was not as big of an issue as it was. There are also those who believe the massacre itself did not even happen. All of these matters have been used over time for or against others in the form of propaganda. ("Nanjing Massacre."

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