The Holocaust: The Romanian Holocaust

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“No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”(Itkowitz) .The Holocaust was run by many of these racist and anti-Semites like Hitler and Antonescu. If society traces the roots of history, then they will find a plague of anti-Semitism that infected most of Romania. The Romanian Holocaust, was run by Antonescu, was grave for the Jewish community since many were harassed and put into ghettos. In worse scenarios many were deported to death camps and concentration camps. During the Holocaust, Romania was malevolent towards the Jews because they contributed to the death and mistreatment of over 380,000 Jews
Romania was an anti-Semitic state before and during much of WWII and
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Many of the conditions of the Ghettos were terrible. Many Jews were harassed by the patrol guards and all the Ghettos were beyond cramped. In and around the Ghetto, many were starving and that led up to many diseases which eventually cause many to die. They did not have tables, sewing machines or crates and they had to improvise. When it got cold, the soldiers would take the warm clothes that the Jews had and to survive, many Jews had to steal from others. No Jew could leave this Ghetto and if they tried or did something else bad they would be deported. They would be deported to various concentration camps after going through and review. After a while, the Romanians started giving out fake reasons to deport the Jews just so they could deport them. The conditions and sanitary of the ghettos were awful and caused the death of many Jews. Most of the patrol and police officers were cruel and harmful to the Jews. Many of objects that we take for granted were not available for the Jewish community in the ghettos. The Jews wanted to stay alive and they had to turn to awful methods like stealing to do that because there was no other way to survive. Many could not even survive since they were sent to concentration camps and they would die quickly there.In the text, “Ghetto/Czernowitz”, it states…show more content…
They have passed two laws, one in 2002 and the other in 2015, against Holocaust denial. The Romanians realized that they were a part of the Holocaust, which in the past many have denied. Since in 2002 there were still some deniers, they set up an institution that was led by Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was a Holocaust survivor that wrote about his experiences. This institution is called “Institutul Național Pentru Studierea Holocastului Din România” and it was made to inspect the contribution of Romania in the Holocaust. There may be many doubters of the Holocaust, but Romania wants to show the doubters what truly happened and how they were responsible. The Romanian influence was horrendous, but the Romanians are trying to make sure that it never happens
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