The Holocaust: Why Did Hitler Chose The Jews

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Why Hitler Chose the Jews
During the time Hitler was beginning to rise to power, a huge population of Germany was supporting the newly coming leader Adolf Hitler. Little did they know the horrible devastating mass murder of the Jewish people Hitler called “The Holocaust”. The Holocaust started on January 1933 and ended on May 8, 1945. The Holocaust was made purposely to eliminate the Jews and any other person and religion that got in Hitler’s and the Nazis way. Many ways were used to kill and eliminate the Jews, one of the most brutal ways was when Nazis would shove prisoners of the concentration camps or the death camps and slowly heat them to death. Concentration camps were camps where Jews would be worked and barley fed. Sometimes they would be even starved to death, many prisoners would also often be hung or shot in front of prisoners so the prisoners wouldn’t try to escape from the concentration camp. While on the other hand if anyone got sent to death camp it meant they were there for one reason and one reason only, to die. Inside the death camps were usually huge ovens Jews would be cooked alive in, there would also be giant chambers that Nazis filled with people and spread
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Many studies have been made about why the Jews had to go through the Holocaust and why did Hitler target the Jews and not anybody, but my belief is that Hitler had a deep hatred for the Jews, the Jews were “invading” Germany, and/or the Jews had or took all the

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