The Holocaust's Effect On Jews In Germany Between 1933 And 1945

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The Holocaust was a traumatic event that greatly affected Jews in Germany between 1933 and 1945. During this time, approximately 6 million Jews were killed. This mass murder took place after the election of Adolf Hitler. After Hitler became the chancellor, he created something called the Enabling Act, which allowed him to create his own laws. Hitler’s main focus was to “ethnically cleanse” Germany in an attempt to create the perfect race. Since he was able to create his own laws, he decided to create laws that gave Jews few rights, and, with the help of a man named Adolf Eichmann, eventually leading them to be placed in camps called concentration camps. The Holocaust went on for a long time before anyone found out what had been going on causing the effects to be tremendous.

Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933. He created a party called the Nazi party and they later started World War II. Shortly thereafter, he passed the Enabling Act, allowing him to create his own laws. His goal as chancellor was to create the “perfect race”, meaning a race with no Jews and the enabling act aided him in doing so. In his time as chancellor of Germany, he created over 400 anti-Jewish laws. He tried to convince Germans that Jews were not people, therefore Jews were separated from society. Jews lost all of their property and
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He became very involved in Heinrich Himmler’s idea of the “final solution”. This final solution was a plan to exterminate all European Jews. During the process of the final solution, Jews were placed in ghettos (a part of a city blocked off from the rest of society which housed people of a minority group) and concentration camps (a place outside of cities where large groups of people of a minority group are imprisoned even killed). Adolf Eichmann was the guiding force that caused the final solution to
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