The Homeless: Common Perception Of Homelessness

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Essay on The Homeless Introduction to Human Resources Columbia college By Kawana Roberts The issue of contemporary homelessness has took a huge shift from the common perception of homeless people. I am witnessing a shift from the image of ‘homelessness’ being a physically dirty, pan handling, poor, uneducated individual who does not have a physical home for shelter. Initially, I failed to recognize that ‘homelessness’ can be a temporary state on can live in. Not all homeless people are homeless by “choice”, sometimes people are homeless by “force”. Events such as natural disasters or even death of a parent/spouse are uncontrolled…show more content…
Today, the homeless person is different. There is a large amount of literature to support the shift in homelessness. This shift predominately lies within the common definition and common perception versus the perceived reality lived by the homeless. First, the idea of doubling up has been utilized by youth transitioning into adulthood, even college students, who may be in debt or homeless after graduating college. By staying with family and friends is seen as one of the best methods in avoiding homelessness. For example, in an article "Factors Associated with Doubled-Up Housing--A Common Precursor Homelessness”, it discusses the idea of “doubling-up” in a household. Doubling-Up is most commonly implemented by youth who are at risk for homelessness. Sometimes it is forced upon the youth to move out because they are considered and adult in their household but typically, it is a…show more content…
We must value the importance of homelessness being a temporary state and acknowledge the redefinition of homelessness. As a society, we also must self-reflect and value our own standpoint in correlation to the research being done. Standpoint is not just determining or concluding the results to be one thing or another; but it is more complex and one must recognize that particular perspectives’ you won’t be able to fully understand unless you were in the same predicament or circumstances as the homeless. With all the research in the world, we do not understand how it feels to be in that situation, but based on empirical evidence, we can imagine how it
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