Gus Van Sant: The Life Of Harvey Milk

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The reaction of the public was mixed to the film, considering that it was released in the 21st century. Had the film been released in the 20th century, the negative criticism would have by far, exceeded the positive criticism. The quality of writing, acting, and directing within the film was considered to be one of a high and desirable class. The main challenge that Van Sant faced was the recreation of being gay in the 1970s, and according to the critics, he totally achieved this goal. For individuals who are against homosexuality, they thought negatively about the film. Despite Milk not being the first film that focused on the life of Harvey Milk, it was without doubt the best one compared to its predecessors.
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The individual, who will be turning 67 years-old, next month, has without doubt played a major role in the development of the film industry. From a young age, it was clear that Van Sant was greatly interested in becoming a filmmaker and movie director. One of the things that the majority of the public is not aware about is that Gus Van Sant was very successful when it came to his fashion sense for his films. The challenge of any movie director is to achieve authenticity in fashion, which involves looking un-styled, real, and normal. A look at his films reveals that he achieves fashion authenticity, whether it is the hoodies in Elephant, the layered skate wear in Paranoid Park, or the long sleeve t-shirts in Gerry (Ferrier). In an attempt to achieve fashion authenticity, the actors in Elephant were shot wearing their own clothes to try and make the film look as real as…show more content…
Back in the days being homosexual was something serious, something that people did not see every day happening compared to this century. It was even more serious when it came to the subject of religion. Now, people are more opened and accepting on who you are and why you are the way you are. Famous artists even promote to be proud of who you are and accept the way you are. However, this did not stop him, as his first feature film contains a gay Mexican Immigrant character. With time, the topic of homosexuality started being discussed in the public. The 21st century has played a major role in influencing the change of the perception of homosexuality and other forms of sexuality apart from heterosexuality. In Milk, Van Sant takes on a difficult task of trying to depict the story of Harvey Milk in the right way. Harvey Milk was one of the first individuals to openly announce they are gay, and go ahead to be elected to office. Accuracy was significant in the directing of this film to ensure that no information was exaggerated or left out. Gus Van Sant is someone I can easily relate to one film seen in class, A Women Under the Influence. That film, portrays exactly what women back in the days should have not been doing. There was a stereotype of women and supposedly had to be followed in order to fit in the standards

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