The Homosexuality Of Harvey Milk And The Blair Witch Project

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The reaction of the public was mixed to the film, considering that it was released in the 21st century. Had the film been released in the 20th century, the negative criticism would have by far, exceeded the positive criticism. The quality of writing, acting, and directing within the film was considered to be one of a high and desirable class. The main challenge that Van Sant faced was the recreation of being gay in the 1970s, and according to the critics, he totally achieved this goal. For individuals who are against homosexuality, they thought negatively about the film. Despite Milk not being the first film that focused on the life of Harvey Milk, it was without doubt the best one compared to its predecessors.
First it is important to note that the current setting and that of the 1970s is quite different when it comes to homosexuality. Therefore, this means that the conditions in this century and decade are much favorable for gay films, compared to the 1970s, where being gay was considered illegal or semi-legal in some regions (Laurier, "World Socialist Web Site." ). The public has become more accepting of homosexuality, and its existence within the society. It took a lot of courage for Gun Van Sant to take on this film, but he was set on a specific goal. His sole aim was to provide a clear and precise biography of Harvey Milk, in the most accurate way possible. Milk also relates to the film The Blair Witch Project. Both films trying to illustrate exactly what

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