The Honor Code Of Honesty

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Honesty is the greatest quality defines a person more than any characteristic. It seems to be the fundamental foundation for success in one’s life. Although there is a variety of factors influence one’s ability to be honest. Aware of this problem, many universities or communities have created the Honor Code, a statement of honesty that values the hard work and effort, in order to avoid plagiarism by any kind. The importance of Honor Code is ensured that individual will follow the highest standard of integrity of a certain community. Besides, there are a lot of benefits by implementing the Honor Code in UT Arlington. In addition, implementing Honor Code will be the same under any circumstance. The Honor Code in English course would be the same in compare with Business.…show more content…
Generally, dishonest people depend on other people to fulfill their needs either in school or at work. It is so unfair if a dishonest student stole others’ idea, but still gets the same grade with the one who puts whole heart in the project. The Honor Code at work is working the same way. Even though, people at different position will have different task, but the idea can be stolen from this office and applied to the next office. It’s not that they are deceptive, but their dilemmas affect their decision to be honest. No matter what the reason for stealing others’ idea is, it is still unacceptable. Thence, UT Arlington should be upheld the Honor Code seriously, and make students face the consequences of their own actions. Honor code is an honor system; therefore, its benefits will vanquish any
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