The Honorable Brutus In Julius Caesar

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Friends can turn on you in a heartbeat even if you thought you knew them. People you trust and care for can change their mind in an instant and turn against you to do harm to you. The story Julius Caesar shows this between the honorable Brutus and Caesar. Caesar thought Brutus was a trustworthy person but for Brutus there is something more important to him then Caesar. Brutus is a great soldier and an honorable man and we may know people like this. Brutus is an honorable man because he cares about Rome and would do anything to protect it. Brutus said “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more” (Act 3, Scene 2). This quote shows that he thought he was doing the right thing by killing Caesar. He thought he was doing the honorable…show more content…
In this quote it’s a conversation between Cassius and Brutus about Caesar. This is Brutus response to him after Cassius asked if he was afraid of Caesar. Brutus was afraid of Caesar getting that much power but he loved him as a friend and thought he would be a good leader. This shows that Brutus cares about Caesar and killing him was going to be hard for him. Brutus also had to be very smart about what he was to do after Caesars death. Brutus had to go out in front of the big crowd to give them a reason of why he killed Caesar. By doing this he is making a terrible crime seem like it was supposed to happen. So in a way Brutus was trying to make sure he was the next leader of Rome and that the people wouldn’t turn against him. This was a smart move on his part because who knows what the people of Rome would of thought of him if he didn’t give them a valid reason to kill Caesar. Overall Brutus had good intensions but a bad result. Once a great friend and military leader becomes a murder trying to do what is right for Rome. Brutus had good intensions of saving Rome from a bad leader. Brutus had to make the toughest choice; he had to choose Rome or his friend Caesar. He chose Caesar which changed the way history has played out to this day. If Brutus would of not have killed Caesar what would our world be like
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