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This extract is taken from the short story “The hop frog or the Eight chained Orang - Outans” by Edgar Allan Poe. The hop- frog was written in the era of 1849. Poe was from the era of which, in literature we might called it as the romantic era and this might be the reason which is why the Poe writes his stories based upon the concepts of lost love and death. In the story hop frog the author constantly focuses on the humiliation of the weak. The extract is also basically focused on the degradation of Trippetta Hop Frogs dwarf friend which is why the theme of the story turns out to be revenging and tone as madness as Hop Frog is gone psychotic from the king’s outrageous behavior towards Trippetta and also himself. The main characters in the story…show more content…
As after the Hop Frog as came out of his intoxication “The latter seemed to have recovered, great measure, from his intoxication, and looking fixedly but quietly into the tyrants face, merely ejaculated” Hop frog look into the tyrants eyes as if he is his enemy and this is where his revenging plan to murder the king is plotted and this is also the point where the theme of revenge and empathy combines. Not only this, the structure of the passage also very serving in creating suspense in the story. The extract is a part of a rising action and it is written in the third person narrative which prevents the information to be hidden away from the mind of hop frog. Since the passage does not allow us to predict the Hop Frogs intensions thus it pulls the reader into the story creating the suspense. The use of the “--“creates a kind of artwork in the dialogues and therefore keeps the reader more involved in the text. The staccato in between the paragraphs is representing the print from the typewriter and if everything would have been written with simple spacing then it would have not created suspense in the story and will not be able to bind reader with the

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