Chapter Summary: The Story Of The Horned Toad

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The Story of the Horned Toad

Chapter #1
It was 1935, Boston Massachusetts and there lived an 8 year old boy named Phrynosoma. His mother died an hour ago, and before she died she called a taxi to take him to the airport to live with his cousins in Guatemala,. When they were boarding the plane he saw that they didn't put enough fuel in the plane. Mabe they put the fuel in ahead of time, he thought. So he got on the airplane’s front row and the plane took off.

Chapter #2
The plane stopped. Then it started falling. And falling. Until it hit the water. Everyone else was gone.The only pesonone who survived was Phrynosoma. Luckily, the plane crashed only a mile away from an island. Phrynosoma looked in the back of
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Just then, a rat scurried across the forest floor and the python lunged at it. With this distraction, Phrynosoma ran to get out of the python's way. Once he was past the python he wrote in his notebook:
Pythons are constrictors
Then he decided to go to the other side of the island where there are fewerless snakes. But when he got there he saw that instead of a forest it was complete desert. He kept on walking anyway.
First he saw a bobcat. The bobcat was sniffing at a small animal and about to eat it. Then the strange creature did something really weird., Llooking straight at the bobcat, it squirted blood from its eyes, which confused the bobcat long enough for it to run away. Phrynosoma wrote in his notebook:
Strange animal squirts blood from its
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But this time it puffed up into a spiky ball and then flipped itself over. Phrynosoma observed that tThis makes it more difficult to swallow. So Phrynosoma wrote in his notebook:
Puffs up into a spiky ball
Flips itself over
Phrynosoma picked up the creature and started carrying ithim back to the shelter he made in the forest.

Chapter #5
Phrynosoma was glad to be back at the shelter, he had a lot of work to do from discovering the species. First he had to name it. Before he did this he examined it to learn more about it, after that he wrote facts down to decide what to call it, so he wrote this in his notebook. The spikes on its head are bones but the spikes on its back are scales
They are diurnal
With that, phrynosoma closed his notebook and started thinking of what to call it. “Maybe I should call this species the horned toad because of the horns on its head,” phrynosoma thought. But just then, phrynosoma realised how homesick he was so then he took the raft and decided to announce the discovery in texas. So Phrynosoma started gathering food and water for the trip. Finally he started sailing to the U.S. He arrived on shore a week later and he was really excited. Just then he remembered the coins in his pocket that his mom had given him….. To be
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