The Horrible Tragedies Of The Holocaust

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“When I walk the ground of the concentration camps, I fear that I am walking on the ashes of the victims,” (Moshe Katsav). This quote relates to the horrible tragedies that happened during the Holocaust. During World War II, when the Nazis ruled Germany, they developed places called concentration camps. These camps were meant to punish and kill all Jews. The leader of the Nazis, a very contemptuous man, Adolf Hitler, created these camps because he had a strong hatred towards Jews and wanted to aspire his goal of total genocide. The Nazis organized these camps and picked some Jews that were bilingual to help run them, Kapos. Kapos were also punished if they didn’t obey orders. To punish the Jews even more, the Nazis made sure the conditions…show more content…
Starting off, there was a lot of resistance going around that helped in some cases and didn’t in others. Some people, that weren’t Jewish, were completely against the concentration camps and how the Nazis were treating them. They would show examples of resistance by taking in Jews to their homes and hiding them before being sent to the ghettos. That way they wouldn’t have to make it to the concentration camps. The Jews that were already imprisoned, resisted by stealing guards’ weapons and attacking guards like they do to them. Also, they tried to resist by using their beliefs, in order to maintain their humanity, personal integrity, and dignity. If the resisters were found and caught, they would be shot. Next, there were a lot of prisoners trying to escape the torture. Some Jews escaped by running into forests near the ghettos and hiding there until they knew they could go somewhere else. Prisoners would try to escape by digging an underground tunnel that led right outside the camps. Some citizens would even do it for them and help them escape. Many tried to break through the barbed wire fences around the camps. At last, Allied forces came to help save the lives of the rest of the Jews remaining. They did this by liberating them. Once they started to notice these camps, they immediately took action. Though, the Nazis knew they were coming, so they started to send them on death marches and burn all dead bodies that remained. When the Allied forces came to the camps, there was still a lot of evidence of mass murder. They found thousands upon thousands of men’s and women’s clothing and human hair. But once they saw that, everyone was gone. So they went out to look for them. Hitler knew that he was going to be killed, so he ended up killing himself. They weren’t to far away, and when they found the Nazis, they
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