The Horror Movie 'The Babadook'

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Movie Review: The Babadook In the world, there are many movies. All of them range from great movies to terrible movies. However, the focus for this review is the horror movie “The Babadook.” This movie was made in 2014 and was directed by Jennifer Kent. According to Common Sense Media, The Babadook is rated at four stars out of five. The main actors include the mother Amelia, her son Samuel, The Babadook, and her deceased husband. This movie is about a boy (Samuel) who asked his mom (Amelia) to read him a story. Samuel found the book on the shelf in his room, even though the mother never bought it for him. As Amelia was reading the book to her son she was starting to get alarmed by the contents and the morbid nature of the book. Soon a
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