The Horror Story Tell-Tale Heart

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The horror story Tell Tale-Heart is a dark and evil story. It’s about how a servant tries to kill an old man over his ‘’Evil Eye’’ so he calls it. Personally , I think that this a bad story for kids or students in my range group to read. I think it sends off the wrong message and some others may agree. First, I think that this story is over range or too much violence is in it for students. This story talks about him killing the old man because of his eye which he could do anything about , fix it. My reasoning for saying was to say no one should be killed for no reason at all , but by reading this story some students or kids may think that it’s ok to kill someone no reason. The story Tell Tale-Heart gives off a bad message that no one would…show more content…
This story is the opposite of that , it is scary non loving and creepy. It makes you feel bad for killing a old men. Everyone says they like how horror stories have you off the edge your seat but fun stories can have you like that also. Say if you were reading a fun story and there were cousins playing hide and go seek wouldn’t you be off the edge of your seat trying to see who’s going to get caught first ? Also, from reading a horror story most kids have nightmares. Things may sound so real in a horror story that some kids may believe it. Having a nightmare could be the worst feeling or experience in your life. It tricks you into thinking that it’s real when it’s really not but you don’t know that. That’s why I say horror stories are bad for my age group. Another reason is one day a student probably have read the horror story that previous night and had a nightmare , and on that next day he came to school he thought everything and everybody was like the stuff in the horror story. Students wouldn’t know what to do after a horror story because they would be so freaked out. They’ll never want to read another horror story after the first one. That’s why I say horror stories are bad for you. When reading a horror story so many bad things can happen to you just by being scared. So take my advice and never read a horror
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