The Horrors Of The Holocaust In Night And Schindler's List

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Starvation, death, anti- semitism, mistreatment, pain, forced labor, abuse -- all are situations Jewish people had to experience How did prisoners endure such hardships? Was it better to focus on one’s own survival or to work together to survive? In the memoir Night and the movie Schindler’s List, director Steven Spielberg and author Elie Wiesel explore this idea. They explore this idea by showing Jews helping other Jews to live and survive during the horrors of the Holocaust in Night and Schindler’s List. In the movie Schindler’s List, the director showed how Jews were helpful to other Jews by depicting many men helping others. An example of this would be, Stern asking Shindler to take some of the Jews as workers so they would not get killed or abused as bad as they would in the camps. It showed Stern asking Shindler to take on people who are perceived as weak or a target to the Nazi’s. Specifically, it showed a child that had a target on his back because he spoke up to the Nazi’s when someone stole in the camp and he got a job in the factory because of Stern convincing Schindler to take the Jews who needed help. This is vital to a little boys life and helped him survive because Stern found it in his heart to save his people even though he was going through the horror too. Although Stern had to endure the abuse and humiliation as well as the other Jews, he never stopped helping the people around him. Another man that helped his fellow Jewish community out was Poldek,
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