The Horse Dealer's Daughter Analysis

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The Horse Dealer’s Daughter
“The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by D.H. Lawrence describes the life of Mabel and her current situation after the passing of her father. Mabel and her three brothers, Joe, Fred, and Malcom all took a seat around the table after their father’s demise, which had left them all in major debt. (Pg. 506, Paragraph 2) Mable’s Brother’s are able to leave and find labor, while Mabel is in a delimma on what to do. “Well Mabel, and what are you going to do with yourself?” (506 Paragraph 1) All she had ever known was taking care of the house and gratifying that role that their servants once had when they were once not poor. “for months, Mable was servant less in the big house, keeping the home together in penury for her ineffectual
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“I’m catching the eleven-forty,” replied Malcom. “are you going’ down wi’ th’ trap, Joe?” “Yes, I’ve told you I’m going down wi’th trap, haven’t I?” (Page 509, Paragraph 60) This just goes to confirm that it’s easier for Men during that time period to find jobs to make ends meet. Whereas Mable doesn’t have the luxury of being on her own. She has the opportunity to go live with her sister, Lucy. Except Mabel doesn’t want to go live with her. “Does she ask you to go and stop there?” persisted Fred Henry. “She says I can stay if I like.” Well, then, you’d better. Tell her you’ll be there come on Monday.” This was received in silence. (Pg. 508, Paragraph 24) Fred shortly after states “That’s what you’ll do then, isn’t it?” said Fred Henry, in some exasperation. But she made no answer. There was a silence of futility and irritation in the room. (Pg. 508, Paragraph 30) Joe loudly makes the comment “or else find your self-lodgings on the curbstone.” (Pg. 508, Paragraph 33) All of these go along with the typical women stereotype that they are in charge of the housework and keeping things tidy for the others. Now that there was no money since the passing of their father. The debt left Mabel feeling uncertain what she was going to do with her life. Her father’s debt caused her to lose her confidence, of how important the housework she did really was. “but so long as there was money, the girl felt
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