The Horseshoe Crab

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Meaning of name: The Horseshoe crab gets its name because their arc shaped exoskeleton has been compared to what a horse shoe looks like.
Description on animal: Even with crab in the name, they aren’t related to crabs and lobsters so much. They are actually related to scorpions and spiders. The female Horseshoe Crab is about 18-19 inches from tail to head, and the males are about 14-15 inches.
Group of species: Merostomata
Where Found: In North America along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from Maine to Mexico.
Era/Time Period: Paleozoic Era-Paleozoic Era(today) & Ordovician Period-Quaternary Period (today)
Life Expectancy: 20-40 years
Climate Conditions: During the Lower to Middle Ordovician Period the Earth was experiencing a more milder

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