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Hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and other services for travelers and tourists also includes specifically. Tourism management, hotel management, event management, convention management and resort management are the aspects of hospitality industry. Hotels can be classified into three categories such as service levels (budget, luxury and suite), theme (boutique, heritage and ecotel) and target markets (commercial, resort and convention). There are six main departments in hospitality
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In heritage hotel, first roles and responsibilities of food and beverage manager are to create and sustain menus that fulfill guests’ expectation. So, manager responsibility are to recognize customers’ needs and react proactively to all of their concerns and also design special menus, purchase goods and constantly make essential improvements to fulfill customer’s expectation. Secondly, they also need to handle the food costs, maintain menu standards, and monitoring inventory. Rather than that, manager should maximize the profitability of the food and beverage outlet by lead food and beverage team by attracting, recruiting, training and appraising talented personnel. Third roles are to collect the feedback and complaints from guests. Their responsibility is to decide the correct solution for the problems and implement it in a correct order.In heritage hotel; we found that cleanliness was the biggest challenge because we could see the dust all over the chairs and tables, windows and at the counter. This would make the food and beverages of that particular hotel run in loss because customer would prefer a neat and clean environment. Customer would not come back to the hotel and they would prefer other hotels. Unsanitary condition also would affect the reputation of heritage hotel. Second challenge was lacking of staffs. Throughout our observation, there were only two staffs in food and beverage department in Heritage Hotel. Customers tend to wait for the food and beverages that they order due to lacking of staffs. It would take approximately around 35 minutes to serve food and beverages only for one table which consists of 3 people. Third challenge was lacking of basic communication skills among the subordinates in food and beverages department. The subordinates in food and beverages department are from Bangladesh. They were

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