The Hospitality Industry And Its Impact On The Hospitality Industry

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Political They many political areas that can impacts on hospitality industry it is wise to keep an eye on the government’s rule makers and their process especially at times of election to see what direction the politic candidates or representatives are leaning and their political strategy they may have. if their voicing negatively towards the industry or bring up any negative issues such as nutritional labelling, population obesity programs, minimum wage increases, health care programs and immigration reform just any charges in Regulations at all can affect your menu, payroll, customer satisfaction and profit margin. During elections some politic candidate’s likes drive fear and uncertainties into the voters on the state of the national budget especially as this is a good political strategy but has significant effects on the industry because of the fear-driven into the voters they more likely to tighten their own budget and usually the first items to go is dinning out and drinking. Any reform to immigration, Minimum wage increases or health care as a mandatory benefit can have a major effect on the type of labour available how the country’s leading creator of jobs and how does business. As the restaurants are subjected to many different Taxations such as credit cards swipes, sales tax food donations write-offs, work opportunities tax credits, tourism add-ons such as lodging tax. Any charges to these can ether make of brake the business. When it comes to purchasing their
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