The Host Book Vs Movie Essay

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I prefer The Host book by Stephenie Meyer over The Host by Andrew Niccol the movie because the important lines, the emotion and the clear explanation.
The movie cut out the important lines. What made them important was that they were deep. They had meaning to them. For example, ' 'Because you do belong here. ' ' (Page 311). Melanie said this to Wanderer. It is important because Melanie is reassuring Wanderer and it shows that she cares about her. Another example is when Kyle told Wanderer ' 'a life for a life, I won 't kill you. I 'll pay the debt that way. ' ' (page 375) This explains why Kyle didn 't attempt to kill her again. Also, when Ian told Jared ' 'Just because she isn 't human, do you think that means she doesn 't feel pain. ' ' (page 186), it tells you that Ian is actually taking her feelings into consideration. I think it might even be when Ian realizes he likes Wanderer. This shows why many quotes the director cut out were essential to the movie.
There was not much emotion in the movie. In the movie, they spent most of the time making out. In the book they described it so that you could imagine yourself as that character and feel what they were feeling. You were able to connect
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The movie lacked in explanation. In the part of the movie where Aaron and Brandt die when they crashed in their van, you would have no idea who they were unless you read the book because they were not even mentioned before in the movie. And they didn 't explain what a Soul is or why Wanderer is important. In the book, it was explained what Souls were and how Wanderer is superior to most Souls. There was also the part in the book when Wanderer thought “Did it matter that he was beautiful, that I loved him, when he was going to kill me?” (page 132). This goes to show that Wanderer had deep feelings for Jared due to sharing Melanie 's body. In the movie, you were not so sure because you could not read Wanda 's thoughts like you can in the book. The book
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