Melanie Stryderer In The Host

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Main Character: Melanie Stryder, Wanderer (Alien Soul Inserted In Melanie Stryder)

In the novel “The Host” By: Stephenie Meyer the main character is Melanie Stryder is taken by an unknown alien race. The race that took her inserted an alien soul called Wanderer into her neck. Wanderer is supposed to be able to control Melanie and get into her mind to find her memories. Wanderer is in Melanie's body so it's only Melanie's conscious left.

In the beginning of the story Melanie is unconscious and her body is badly damaged. Melanie is in this condition because the alien race were after her and her brother Jamie Stryder Melanie did not the aliens to capture her or her brother so she told her brother to hide while her brother hid she created
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The aliens took Melanie and used there medicine to heal her, the medicine they use heals her completely. After Melanie's body was healed they inserted a soul called Wanderer in her neck. When the Healer of the alien race inserted the soul in Melanie the soul changes Melanie's eyes to blue and the iris is like an electric blue other than that Melanie's body is the same way only her eyes change. Since Wanderer was put into Melanie only Melanie's conscious was left. Melanie serves as an antagonist to Wanderer and Wanderer serves as an antagonist to Melanie it’s vice versa. Melanie’s conscious is fighting against Wanderer because Wanderer has a goal and that goal is to

find the people that Melanie was with during the alien invasion the comforter for the alien race wants to know Melanie's associates so she can get them to put souls inside of them. Wanderer has never encountered a host such as Melanie. Wanderer is supposed to take over Melanie's mind but it is hard because Melanie is very strong minded and
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While Wanderer was drawing out the picture Melanie keep pestering Wanderer when Melanie found out that Wanderer was drawing Jared her lover Melanie hot mad and since she's still a conscious and very rebellious she was able to throw the pencil out of Wanderer and her hand. Melanie soon realized what Wanderer was doing and she begins to release out her emotions which caused Wanderer to be confuse. Usually a conscious of a host would fade but not Melanie she fought and fought so that Wanderer did not tell the aliens where her associates were. Melanie soon realized that Wanderer was not listening so Melanie would show Wanderer glimpse of what her life was and why should she not tell the aliens where her close associates are. Wanderer soon realizes how much Melanie wanted to protect her people. Wanderer understood Melanie so Wanderer at the end wanted to give Melanie back control over her body but Melanie wanted Wanderer to have her body because she thought that it will be better if Wanderer had control. Wanderer explained to Melanie why they get into hosts body she told them that they only get into hosts body that are badly damaged and they are in critical condition . The alien souls are helping humans by preserving their bodies.

To conclude Melanie needed Wanderer and Wanderer needed Melanie. Without Wanderer, Melanie would
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