The Hostess After Party Analysis

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The Hostess’ After Party
Hello, I am Ansh I am 22 years of age and this story is about my family and this one especially – about my mother. My mother is a divorcee and of 42 years of age. She and my father got divorced when I was a kid because he wasn’t always around later as I grew up I came to know it was more about her screwing with my father’s friend cum lawyer. My mother or as I like to call her Vanity ( it also means excessive pride of oneself or their possession and boy she wasn’t just proud but also flaunted her possessions) leads a very interesting life.
My father was always on the go so I grew up with my mom and was it a pleasure !!! My mother has a crazy sexdrive for a woman because at times even she’s pushing the limit. I recall
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He mouth fucked my mother and suddenly he stopped. He sat on the sofa and told her to turn around and sit on the floor, she obeyed him and told her to bend her neck backwards. He entered her mouth again in this weird position which also gave him access to her boobs. It was like a half 69.
I guess he realized he was close to it so he spread my mother’s legs and positioned himself to enter her. “OH MYYYY GODDDDDDD.” She literally screamed at the top of her voice not caring who would listen her. He increased his pace and kept repeating “ I’ll be your slave ,Vanity. YOUR SLAVE. I am your sex Slave, Vanity. Take me .Take me.”
My mother clenched on to his back burying her nails in his back as I guessed she enjoyed her orgasm and even he was finished and let all his sperms inside. My Mother ,with another man just had meaningless,dirty and reckless sex.
He lied upon her but she pushed him away and told him to FUCK OFF.
Next morning I pretended I didn’t see anything and was making breakfast in kitchen when she showed up all messy in her usual slutty-ish robe which showed ample amount of her boobs. “Rough night?” I asked. “yea..rough , tiring but amazing night.” And I don’t know how or why I did that but I went and grabbed her butt tightly and slapped it . She was looking at me in shock when I said,” I bet a rough night, Mom. I bet !!
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