The Hourglass Plummets

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When the Last Bead of the Hourglass Plummets: Implications of the Concept of Death on Human Life
Feliza Jayly Rizzalette R. Alilio
I. Background of the Study The topic of death is so vague. Many things, ideologies, concepts, theories and such constitute death; there is heaven and hell, light and darkness, righteousness and wrongness. However, in the light of man and nature, death is the end of life. Yes, it is the end of our existence here in this world. So in tackling death, it is unavoidable not to tackle life because life and death are connected and inseparable. And to know what death is, we must know what life is. Things that have life and are alive are continuously developing through cellular processes to maintain equilibrium. Being able
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However, as certain as it is since we will all come to this point of our life, it is full of uncertainties. Because of this, individuals come up with different ideas about death and those conceptions greatly affect life and how we think of it. Knowing that we will all come to die makes us hate the idea of dying. Many people hated death because it limits our life. Some condemn it for the reason that it contradicts life. Majority of the humanity thinks that dying is not essential and that it hinders our life as a human which cause us to view “having to die” only in a negative way. Sometimes we fear death as it is like a shadow that always follows us. It sometimes make our life complicated for always worrying about death—a certain thing in human life that is so uncertain. It can be compared to as a finish line in the race of life that most of us do not want to cross. A race where no one knows—not the audience, not even the person himself or herself, his or her current standing in the race and when would he or her cross the finish line. We often regard death as something negative and because of this; death always connotes a bad meaning for individuals. However they do not see the both side of the coin, they failed to notice and recognize that “having to die” do not just affect us in a negative way because it also somehow affects us positively. In a different angle and perspective, we can view death’s implication on human life in a…show more content…
In sociological aspect, after having a sociological death, those who experience this will somehow be starting a new a life, they will begin a new part of their life as the other part of chapter of their life had ended. This is what is there after sociological death. It can be compared to a painter who had gone wrong painting on his canvas, he tried to remedy it but then it simply gets mire ruin until he realizes that he should just had stopped that for it just make the painting worse. He stopped painting on that messed up canvas, get a new blank canvas and started painting it
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