' The House And The Fall Of The Usher By Edgar Allan Poe

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The three stories, “ Pit and The Pendulum”, “ The House and the Fall of the Usher”, and Eleonora, written by Edgar Allan Poe, all share the same dark tone. In the first story, darkness shows within what the man goes through. Further, he becomes a prisoner, thrown into a dark, nasty pit; where he is physically and psychologically tortured. “The House and the fall of the Usher”, also provides the reader with darkness. More, the dark, gloomy setting cast over an already onerous house. Within the house dwells the remainder of the Usher dynasty, a mentally ill brother and a sister so sick she is ready to die. Without a doubt, the story, “ Eleonora” a valley flourishes as young love increases in magnitude. On the other hand, once one dies, the once pulchritudinous valley turns into a pathetically dark place, where the flowers turn dark, animals leave, and clouds casting…show more content…
In these stories, Poe uses supernatural elements by bringing the object alive. Further, he shows how the valley comes alive as the couples young love generates stronger. This valley made drastic changes every day, and ordinary valley makes changes slowly. “And, here and there, in groves about this grass, like wildernesses of dreams, sprang up fantastic trees, whose tall slender stems stood not upright, but slanted gracefully toward the light that peered at noon-day into the center of the valley.” Moreover, the house owned by the Ushers seemed to come alive to the mentally ill man. On the other hand, the pit in “ Pit and The Pendulum” was not supernatural it was an ordinary pit. There was nothing supernatural about it; never talking or changing. The pit was a gross, dark, and smelly place filled with rats; which the reader would expect with a dark pit of
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