The House I Live In: The War On Drugs

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The House I Live in: The War on Drugs

The U.S. have been facing the war on drugs during many years. It 's war that will never end. A war that the U.S. will never be able to win. The drug war affects most of the poor and the minority groups, including their family members. You will think, why them? they are more vulnerable to get into the "biggest company," the drug industry, because this is the only "job" that will always be practically available to whoever wants to get money to either survive or get an easy profit. The use of drugs is the biggest enemy of America. In The House I Live In, African Americans are mentioned all the time. According to the Drug Use and Abuse, "there is a variety of statistics indicating that the 'war on drugs
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Around forty year ago, President Nixon declared a war to all the war users and sellers. The drug war became a national and a political issue. What about the "tough on crime" movement? is it working?

According to the Political Research Associates, "tough on crime":

Refers to a set of policies that emphasize punishment as a primary, and often sole, response to crime. Mandatory sentencing, Three strikes, truth-in-sentencing, quality of life policing, zero tolerance, and various other proposals that result in longer and harsher penalties and the elimination of rehabilitation and other programs are all contemporary examples of “tough on crime” policies. (43)

The one who came with this idea of having more stricted laws and no rehabilitation and other programs was President Nixon. This didn 't even worked because the U.S. still have the highest incarceration rate in the world, and they still a lot of people using and distributing drugs. It 's definitely that this movement didn 't work at all because the war on drugs started when President Nixon declared the war against our "biggest enemy," those who are involved with the drug
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In the House I Live In, there was one woman who looks like she uses drugs talks about why she sells drugs and to whom she sells to. Her name is Shanequa Benitez. In the documentary, she mentioned that she sells drugs to survive. She also says, that there are judges out there that are getting high, cops that use cocaine, and white educated people that have sufficient money to support their habit. Basically, she even sells drugs to the people who are supposed to enforce the law, those who are part of the criminal justice system. How the people pretend to end this war if even the members of the criminal justice system are using drugs. Let 's talk about what the law enforcement is doing to end this and how the war on drugs kind of

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