The House Of Scorpions Analysis

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Problems and Solutions Clones are viewed as “its” or “dirty animals” and are often killed for another person to survive. A clone also has no ability to learn like a human and they form in animals not humans. In the novel The House of Scorpions by Nancy Farmer, Matt is a clone and the only person that treated him fairly his whole life was his guardian Celia. Celia would be often gone at work and Matt would be home alone. When Matt met Maria she was very kind to him because she did not know he was a clone. Steven, Emelia and Tom were anything but kind to him. They knew he was a clone because he was living in a poor house in the poppies. At the time, Matt did not know he was a clone because Celia did not want Matt to grow up being hated by most people and excluded from human activities. At the beginning of the novel, Matt was seen as a dirty animal that had no relation to humans even though he did not receive the brain chip to make them not know anything. A woman named Rosa had held Matt captive and made him feel like an animal. “The whole room was filled with the gray-brown powder.” (Farmer 42). After Matt was rescued, he had a breathing problem in his lungs so if…show more content…
In life there are ups and downs. Sometimes a bad event can turn into a good event. My essay topic shows how life can throw good and bad things at you. Such as matt being treated poorly at the plankton factory to making 3 really good friends that would stick up for him at any time. I believe that Nancy Farmer really showed that not everything goes the way you want and that it’s ok to be different even though some people would treat you poorly. I believe that something bad to go to something good shows life. It can be the opposite but it’s how life is. I believe that this novel shows how life is, a definition of life. Life can be hard but you learn to get through it no matter
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