The House Of Willows Analysis

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1. In the book the main characters are is Willow Chance. Then there is Dell Duke, Mia and Quang-ha, these are Willows frinds. Willow is the main charter so she is the protaginist. Dell Duke , Mia, Quang-ha are the antagonist or the socendary charters. Willow is calm and kind of a introvert. It 's not that she dose not like people, she just dosent like to put her self out thier that much. Dell is the school cunsolur. He spends his days working with children that are said to have probloms or as he calls them "Missfits". Mia is kind a defensive big-little sister, beceaus she is shorter than her little brother . Quan-ha persinality is not really given but we can tell that he is very tall and Quite .
2.The story takes place at the home of Willow in a single story stucco house in a develelopment at the end of San Joaquin Vally. This place
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The author uses foreshadow in the very last few chapters. When Mia 's parents keep beaing nice to Willow when they are trying to adopt Willow . I think that they found out that they got cusdidy over Willow befor she knew. Another one is that when the teacher of Willow keeps shooting accusing looks at willow and we can infer that the next day when she is sent to the counsler, that her teacher accused her of cheeting
6. Willow needs a family. She gets adoped.
7. Willow Chance and the black poodle in the Chistmas Angle. They are alike beacuse they are very stubern and want to do it there way. They are differint because the black poodlie will not listen for anything but Willow will do somthing if she has to.
8."He sinlently cursed himself for thinking this smart-mouth teenage sister of a trublemaker known as Quang-ha could ever help". I think that this is a funny line because he was out smarted by a teenager.
9. The images that the author has left in my head is that when you have somthing and then you lose it, it can impact your life so much. It can feel like you just can 't do anything any more, nothing good or bad nothing big or
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